Love over a few seconds

Well, if it is love or not, however, whether we like this person and whether we want to have sex with him/her – we understand that very quickly, almost from the first word or sign.

In order to test this hypothesis, a German scientist carried out an experiment six years ago, inviting 400 persons at a speed dating party.

American scientists carried out another experiment – they showed participants of the experiment, small movies (10 seconds) made during speed dating parties.

It turns out that even gestures and a pose give a lot of information, in particular, man after a few seconds understands, how attractive for him/her another person is. Even if sound was switched off and the image was blurred, 10 seconds were enough for people to understand if that person is attractive.

However, scientists consider that this is applicable for people of the same culture only. For example, Frenchman will incredibly be able to understand if African or Chinese is attractive for him/her, cause there is too large difference between them.

However, the last statement is refuted by other American scientists, who said that difference in cultures don’t matter, cause unified signs of love exist, and any man can feels if another person is attractive.

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