Dating sites without registration

Dating without registration is a myth! Yes, of course, dating sites without registration exist. However, is it worth using them, if you really want real dates? I believe it isn’t.


Such popular dating sites as, for example, AdultFriendFinder, AdultDateLink or AmateurMatch, which have a lot of users require registration!


In addition, we aren’t talking about a paid registration. You can use those sites for free!


Read the whole article and you’ll understand why it’s better to spend a couple of minutes for registration.


It’s difficult to explain a reason why several people prefer free dating sites without registration. It’s possible that the process of registration on a dating site itself antagonizes them, and, also, thoughts that a stranger will take possession of information about them.


However, in actual fact, everything is the opposite, it’s just necessary to form an understanding of what a site without registration is. Let’s reason logically, if it is not necessary to register on a site, that means there will be no private area, which a password is necessary for. That completely excludes the possibility of messages between users. But messages are the most important part of any modern dating site.


A board of free dating classifieds



It is exactly those sites where you won’t have to register. Such sites are similar to usual notices in magazines with the only advantage, they have more convenient search function, flexible structure of dating categories: ”Man searches for a woman”, “Woman searches for a man”, ”Couple searches for man/woman” and other variants, and besides types of dating “For serious relationships”, ”For sex”, ”For friendship and communication”, and all kinds of filters, for example, age filters and so on.


Taking into account that those are usual sites with dating classifieds, the only advantage of such sites is speed of information placing. You’ll have to fill out a little form, choose a category, leave information about yourself and contact information. In addition, there are significant shortcomings. Firstly, you won’t be able to control a classified. Perhaps, you will want to delete it in a week, in order to stop getting messages on the contact, which you will indicate. Secondly, you’ll have to indicate, for example, phone number, e-mail address, ICQ and so on, which will be accessible to everybody. You won’t be able to control who can write you, who can’t do, and those may be people who are unpleasant for you or even crooks.



To be fair it’s necessary to remark that all the same on popular boards of free dating classifieds function of registration exists, which is necessary for extending or deleting your classified. So, registration is necessary!



More detailed about boards of free dating classifieds


Dating chat rooms without registration.


It’s silly to regard similar sites as normal dating services. More likely they can be classified as tools helping quickly and to your heart content to communicate with strangers. Of course, there is a chance to meet quickly a new person, but we can’t talk about seriousness of such a relationship. The main shortcoming of dating chats without registration is limits of choice, you’ll communicate only those people who are online. Dating chats don’t belong to serious dating services, and we won’t dwell on them.


With registration or without one?


At the conclusion of the article, I should draw your attention to serious internet dating services (one more time – AdultFriendFinder, AdultDateLink or AmateurMatch), where a procedure of registration is simplified as much as possible and takes a couple of minutes. In exchange, you’ll get an opportunity to design your own profile and access to millions of other profiles, advanced system of personal correspondence closed from strange eyes and many other features, which will help you to find fast suitable people and contact them.


All the best!!!


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