How to begin the internet dating

How to date a man on the net

“The internet”, we hear this word everywhere. Through the net we can sell, buy, exchange and even fall in love and get family. No one is surprised by widespread internet dating. Hey, where to search for an interlocutor, a good friend, a boyfriend or a husband else if not on the net? Only sitting in front of the monitor you can find out habits and passions of a man and make a conclusion if you want todate him and continue communication in real life.

If you found in social network or on a dating site a person, whom you like, don’t wait that he will write you first. Begin acting yourself, don’t let the grass grow under your feet. However, what to write? Hot to begin communication right?

The first communication in real life or in a virtual world should go according to a certain plan: establish contact, giving information about yourself and communication itself with conclusions about a possibility of following date in real life.

In order to begin internet communication, gather all information about a liked object. Look at page on Facebook, pictures and profiles in social networks, in various chats. You can find out many things via photo: how he relaxes, who his friends are, what places he relaxes in. In this way, you will know much about his passions, hobbies, favorite ways of spending time.

It can turn out that you like the same, have the same hobby, or like the same music or movies – that is an additional factor for date and closeness. And don’t forget to upload your pictures yourself, in order to present yourself, as a cheerful and active person. Pictures should be clear.

You can write at first just:” Hey, how are you?” There is no necessity to write out of the ordinary messages from the very beginning. Alternatively, you can vary communication, writing: ”Hello! Whould you like to communicate an interesting, but single yet girl?” Of course you can become disenchanted with the interlocutor, you should be ready for it.

In the course of internet-dating, don’t create an ideal from yourself. Don’t deceive a man, tell about yourself only truth and answer question as you think is right. Write that it’s interesting and fun for you to communicate with him, demonstrating, thus, your interest. Send a couple of links to interesting jokes and songs. Offer to discuss a movie, however, don’t overload with an information each other straight away. After a couple of days you can call, exchanging numbers of phones. And if a man “blunts” offer him to date in real life yourself, and arrange the first date yourself, let he will be ashamed, that he didn’t become an initiator.

My husband dates on dating sites

Why does it happen?

Sometimes the internet can become a reason of some problems in family. And if a husband is taken up with social networks that doesn’t cause negative emotions, but dating sites can spoil a relationship very much.

Strange as it may seem, many men are regulars of dating sites. As a rule, they don’t parade it, however, “What is done by night appears by day”, and one day his spouse reveals that her lord and master is interested in other women. That discovery can make a married woman mad itself, although there is no something amazing in that. However, the place, where he does that, can make a woman to lose her confidence. People search for partners on dating sites surely to…..everything, including marriage and sex. Of course, a woman gets the “logic” thought he is searching replacement for her!!!

Is it really truth and what does married men do on dating sites? And the main thing – what a wife should do? Let’s understand.

Strange as it may seem, a man can search for no one ,or he might not to search for a replacement. The most popular statements of faced husbands about reasons of being on such a site are:

– for want of anything better to do / was bored
– out of curiosity
– to mock
– out of habit (registered a long time ago)

Of course, those are not all “pretextes”. And they really can exist. Almost everyone swears that didn’t want anything reprehensible and weren’t going to date anyone, and in actual fact they are exemplary husbands and fathers, and they need a wife only and no one else. In the most cases that’s truth too.

speed dating

What other reasons force men to visit dating sites?

Despite life in megalopolis and among a large number of people around, modern people have not enough of communication. And our husbands, even near you? my dear beautiful and sexy women, are not exception. Possibly, they need informal communication, including communication with opposite sex. Marriage doesn’t mean stopping of contacts with opposite sex, so they are on dating sites, in anticipation of those contacts.

The internet, is the place, where you can see and to be seen right at home. Besides, it’s possible to play games with impunity, which you won’t play in real life in, to experiment with roles, and even to be mischievous. And you can stop it in any moment. The majority of men go to dating sites exactly with such mood, they don’t consider such behavior shameful and don’t ponder about feelings, their better halves can experience, finding out about such “adventures”.

There is one more reason, perhaps the most serious, why husbands look at other women on dating sites – hidden problems in a relationship. I hope this is not your case.

How to please a girl on dating site?

How to draw attention of a girl?

For many modern young people, it’s easier to meet on the internet, than in real life. There is no something amazing, cause there is an opportunity to get refusal, and that is not very cool. You can get turned down, however, since the communication begins not from a real date, such things experienced easier.

There are lots of places to meet a girl on the net. One from them is a dating site. It’s really convenient, cause the majority of them are free and people there intend to meet. They exhibit their pictures and information, in order to be seen, inform about their parameters, interests and preferences, and also their needs to a potential partner. The problem is, however, that there are too many of profiles and it’s difficult to choose.

Of course, a man can look through profiles himself, you cannot get without that and write interesting for you girls. However, in order to cover more profiles, you can attract girls’ attention to your person.

So, how to please an interesting girl on dating site?

There are two tools – your photo and information about you.

A photo is what a girl pays attention to in the first instance and only after that, if the first impression formed positive, she will write you. Therefore, you should be serious choosing a photo for dating sire. Look through all your photos and choose those, which, in your view, can be placed on your page. Look at them critically and put aside the most impressive. In order to be convinced of correctness of chosen photos, you can ask acquaintance girls to put aside those photos they like the most. If you don’t like your picture yourself or girls criticized severely it, ask a professional photographer for help and make a few high-quality shots.

You can draw attention to you by someone’s impressive photo. Such a variant will suit, if you don’t intend to date in real life, otherwise everything is clear in advance – you have few chances to please a girl, beginning meeting from deception.

Ok, ideas with a photo became clear. Now, it is information’s turn. And that is important too.

Try to be honest as most as possible, although it’s not a sin to exaggerate yourself a little. In order to draw girl’s attention on dating site, you should study girls’ profiles. As a rule, girls write what they like and want, and what guys they are interested in. You should work on those premises, describing your virtues, passions and wished to a potential partner.

Agree, it’s the most possible that response will be caused by a profile, which suit girl’s expectations the most. All the more so, if it contains an attractive photo.

For example, if a girl likes trips, then it would be fine if you liked them too. You can write that you dream to visit some exotic country with a better half. So, the more original information is, the more attractive you are for a girl. However, it’s important not to overdo, in order not to scare a girl off, who is interested by your profile. It’s necessary potential candidates not to have feeling that they don’t suit you. Especially, if you too exaggerate.

The more honestly you write, the easier you please a girl and communicate in real life, cause you don’t need to suit your made-up profile, pull through and think up defences.

Getting carried away with “fitting” of your profile to girls’ needs, don’t forget about your interests, write for those, whom you like.

Maintaining those simple rules, you have chances to please a girl.

Advice how to use dating sites

A few pieces of advice for those who is going to use dating sites

1. At first find out, how many people on this site live in your area. And how many of them meet your needs.

2. Don’t trust site, which hides a number of members. It’s even senseless.

3. Pay attention to aims of the site, and if they meet your ones, to style of dating, offering by administration of the site, to support and possibility to get consultation from support.

4. Check if it’s a rating system at this site. It’s very important which contingent has a high value most of all here. Cause, what if it’s a site of transvestites or perverts.

5. Take a part in discussions on a board actively. No one knows, except you, what exactly you want from a dating site, and how to achieve that. Good, if as many as possible members can take part in discussions.

6. Use dating site as some source, which causes a variety in your meetings with new people on the whole. Think of that with sound sense and don’t wait for anything special, you don’t think meetings at work, in the café or outside are anything extraordinary, do you?

7. Be cautious to contacts, don’t date in the first day of meeting, even if you think you have found your ideal. Gather information as many as possible, analyze it, and then decide if it’s possible to continue a relation in real life.

8. And never despair, cause life, especially virtual – is an absorbing game.

Creation of family after an internet affair – is it myth or reality?

Is it real to create family after an internet affair?

I’ll say straight off that creation of family after an internet affair is a complete reality, that is confirmed by a friend of mine who has had an amazing wife for three years, and recently a beautiful daughter was born. I am sure this is not the only example; however, I cannot guarantee that any person used that way to create a family will be happy

Don’t forget that all people are different and factor of luck plays a very important role for a successful affair in the Internet. As they say, it’s important to be at a necessary dating site in necessary time. Creation of family might be not the main aim; however, it can turn a consequence of an affair after successful meeting on dating site. And, on the contrary, as it often happens, a purposeful searching for a spouse can turn absolutely ineffective.

There is a widespread opinion that only unsure of themselves or utter losers meet through Internet for creation of family. I have the audacity to say that it’s an absolute myth. The thing is that many people don’t have enough of free time to meet through usual ways.

Besides that you can often hear such statements that any internet affair is a base deception with an aim to wheedle trusting men and women into sex or money. Without a doubt such cases appear, however their number is very few compared with successful affairs. There are more normal and adequate people in our world, than swindlers and maniacs. However, I don’t recommend to trust any one, it’s better to hold the golden mean in dating.

In this way, creation of family after internet dating is a practicable enough task, the main thing in that is not to be overdilligent and not to get yourself into a fix. And if you found love in your life, I wish you happy family life and healthy children!

Internet dating – female view

There are a lot of men on dating sites: statistic shows 60 percents of them, and 40 percent of women. However, this is only one from reasons, why women date on the Internet. Because the same is in real life. It’s necessary to have an experience of internet dating and a lot of patience and caution to form an understanding of that seeming advantage.

Hot to identify the man you search for? Practice shows that it’s impossible to get serious relationship with all of those 60 percents. On the whole, of course, you can identify a person through lengthy communication. However, we can confidently maintain certain points judging by a profile.

We can classify men in the internet using the following categories:

1. Prostitutes and gigolos

1.1 Everything is simple in their profiles: sex for money. Come, pay, and get the intimate service.

1.2 Men gigolos just write: “search for a sponsor” or “well-off lady”. Relationship with gigolos can last longer, than with prostitutes, as longer, as long and generously you will pay for their service. A gigolo will try to please you in everything in exchange for money and expensive gifts.
If you are over forty, and 20-25 years old guy write you, you should become more alert. Often they can turn out gigolos.

2. Womanizers

This category of men writes clear in a profile “meet for sex”. Womanizers will propose to date in the first day, visit cinema, take you for a drive and so on. After light time spending he will wait from you “payment”, and tomorrow he’ll have a new girl, new emotions and feelings. To seduce as many as possible women – it is their motto. Womanizers don’t want to load themselves down with lengthy relationships and different commitments, sleep with a woman and “good bye”!
So, if he writes that he needs just sex, searches for two girls and so on – don’t rely on serious relationship with him.

3. Married men

That type is divided into two sub-types:

3.1.”Overt married men”. Men of this sub-type write clear in their profiles that they live with a spouse, have children. They say, in this way, that they are not going to leave family, in order to sweep aside attempts of new flames to aspire to serious relationship. Sex with a wife, monotony of life, have most likely bored such men, they need a swallow of fresh air, new bright impressions with a new woman. They “have been out”. However, it’s not enough time for new affairs, and also no one wants to come into the spotlight. Married men, usually, don’t upload photos on dating site in order a wife or friends not to find out about him.

3.2 “Secret married men”. They don’t write that they are married in order to get larger catch. Not every woman will get mixed up with a married man. A reason why he came to the dating site is the same: monotony of life, boring sex with a wife, necessity of emotions and adrenalin. It’s difficult to identify secret married men, cause they camouflage themselves as free and single men.

4. Foreigners

This kind is widespread enough and is identified very fast. Such men use poor English, with mistakes. Those are either visiting men, who are temporarily in your country, or men living in their country and inviting you to visit their home and promising “real love”. Don’t trust such men, they, usually need the only thing – to spend time with you…in the bedroom.

5. Luckless

5.1 “Luckless” those are usually young men 25-30 years old, who tried to build serious relationship before, but didn’t succeed in it for some reasons. They continue searching for a better half and hope to find her on a dating site. Luckless usually write that their purposes on dating site are love, relationship, marriage, family and so on. In this case, lengthy real relationship is needed in order to understand whether that person suits you.

5.2 “Twice luckless” – let’s call them this way. We’d classify: mature men who had a wife, lived with her for a few years, however single now. They often have children, good work, they are wealthy….but they want to find better half, create family and get children. Those men are fulfilled persons, however, they need soul warm, love, understanding.

6. Virtuals

There are lots of nowadays. Many like virtual communication cause they want just to kill time. Some write in a profile that their aim is just texting, other don’t say that openly. Virtuals don’t give their phone numbers, refuse date, referring to lots of reasons. If a man hasn’t tried to date you in the first or the second week of your texting, he is probably a virtual.

Often young men like virtual communication cause they are not lucky in relationship with girls. They are afraid of date in real life, cause they are afraid of refusal. They can be a Brad Pitt in the internet. That attracts them in virtual communication. They get experience to come out in real life once.

My recommendations for women on dating sites:

At first choose a tactic: make the first step yourself or wait until someone writes you. If you chose the first tactic – make up an unusual greeting for your first message, in order to interest, to intrigue the man you like and to force him to answer him. Don’t use overused and standard phrases “hi! Wazzup”, “how are you?” and so on. You will be tired soon from such messages from men yourself. And you will eliminate such men yourself, because it won’t be interesting to answer a hundred times that “everything is ok”, “I’m fine” and so on. “Your’ men will notice you if you distinguish yourself by an unusual greeting.

The second way of behavior is not to write anyone, and wait when someone writes you. In this case, put emphasis on photos and information about yourself. It’s better to put a few photos, where a man can see your face, curves and so on. Men love with their eyes, so they more often choose using your photo. Advice: put new photos; don’t use five years prescription photos. Anyway, on a date, you’ll be different. Choosing you, using your photo, a man will read your profile, so fill it out, and try to be interesting.

Which tactic to use – it is your decision. It’s better to unite the both tactics. I should say that online dating is a lottery. You don’t know whom you’ll find: friends, lovers, a soul mate. Someone will be lucky, another one won’t.

Dating site as a place of opportunities. By O.Kolesnikova

Is it possible to find a husband in the internet?
My answer is: it is not so easy, as we’d like, however, it’s possible!
In the rest room in the building of Syntone, we discussed that topic. Just after that discussion those who didn’t take part in that communication, however, found out about it, approached to me. Approached girls: ”Do you really found a husband in the Internet?”, “Do you really believe that it’s possible to find a normal guy there?” so, if such questions exist – I decided to tell my view.

Yes, I found my beloved man on a dating site. Yes, there are lots of idiots on dating sites (sorry for coarseness). However, in my opinion, there are no more of them, than in real life, although, probably, concentration of boobies is higher and it’s necessary to take it into account. I remember, my friends dissuaded me from online dating, who met through a traditional way – and said that I would find there nothing normal. However, I thought that since such a nice and wonderful girl is brought there, then one more nice wonderful person can be brought there. Cause every of us needs for happiness not a mob, but the only one. However, often, girls sorting a pack don’t believe that there are aces in the pack. “Probably, someone dragged them already out” – they think. However, there are aces in every pack, and besides kings and jacks. There are sixes too and task of the internet dating is to sweep them quietly aside and search for a suitable for us man.

Taking into account that I met my husband four years ago, and didn’t keep any record, then it’s difficult for me to recall all details of my experience in numbers. However, I remember very well that before I met him, I had communicated on a site a lot, and dated a lot. Some personal dates didn’t take more than 15 minutes. I went to the cinema very seldom, more often we were in a café or just walked. There is no opportunity to talk to a person, to find out his thoughts – however, walking or get-together in a cozy café give such an opportunity. There were guys who fell in love with me and called to date again, however I wasn’t interested in them – and I didn’t – regretted my time. There were those whom I like, but they didn’t like me. It’s normal. Girls, if you have the same, please, remember – it’s normal – move on. I say I have had a lot of dates – how many of them? Exactly more than twenty dates. And every time when I don’t find a suitable man – I continued searching for him. Therefore, when someone says me that there are no normal men on dating sites, and she checked it dating one man – that cause smile! And one more important moment – I always communicated a lot before date, via the dating site or an instant messenger.

Girls, I wanna emphasize one mote time, it is a very important moment – communicate a lot before a date. That is exactly why communication on a dating site takes a lot of time. It is desirable before a date to find out what a man searches on a dating site. It is really a serious moment: a friend of mine met a guy on a dating site and after a short dialog “Hi – Hi” “let’s date – ok” he went to fetch her. She jumped into the car. Everythinh ended well, however the guy wanted something far from romantic and the following family life. And he insisted on sex in the car at this actual date. Therefore communicate! – do communicate before a date! Find out what he is searching for on the dating site and if that meets your interests. Maybe he is married and wants just sex – there are lots of such men, or maybe he searches for a permanent mistress? Do you need that? If you do, then it’s cool!!!! However, if you don’t – don’t waste your time and find out his aims before a date!

Also, in my opinion, it is important to write detailed information about yourself. When you write about yourself think of the man you want to find on this site. A prince wants a princess – do you have anything he can appreciate? If you search for a guy to go to night clubs and parties, then write that you love clubs. If you think, your future chosen one appreciates woman’s skills to make cosiness, and you cook very well, write about that. Emphasize your strong points, however, don’t exaggerate. If you search for a real person, be real yourself.

Also, I recommend thoroughly selecting photos for your profile, if it is difficult for you – ask for help. A friend of mine – beautiful well-built girl – put a photo where she is among trees and where you can see only her nose. It’s difficult to value her face and figure. Choose the photo which emphasizes your beauty. It’s better to upload more that one photo, moreover, take summer, winter, businesslike ones.

Time! I remember online dating took a lot of time. Therefore, if you intend to find a suitable man, then you should allot 20-30 minutes for that (maybe more). If you are on a site one time per a month, it won’t give a desirable result.

What to say and to talk about? Ask a lot of open questions, which require detailed answer, and can be answered with yes or no. For example: “if you had holiday, where would you spend it?” different men answer differently from “being in front of TV” to “I’d go to a ski resort”. And decide what is more interesting for you. However, don’t judge using the only answer, ask more questions. Discuss famous movies. However, not just “liked” “didn’t like”, but the entire movie. What is especially interesting for you and for him in the movie? Maybe you like the same movie, but you like romantic scenes, and he remembered fights and infightings.

I hope your aim has become clear, before you are on a dating site. So, ask question, I should repeat. What streaks of a man are important for you? Which kind of work? What important and critical for you is , should be asked about.

However, don’t scare him, and don’t make from the chat an interrogation. It’s interesting task to create a pleasant atmosphere and find out everything you want to know, and, at the same time, to tell about yourself. Well, for example:” I watched today a TV_show “…” and got a lot of emotions, and what TV-show you like?” That is: you told about your interest, and create a reason to find out what he likes. Also, you can ask about friends, work, and hobbies. In this way you tell about yourself and about him. Later, you’ll understand how to build dialog: what he likes.

Find out his mood every day. It’s important. If every time it is bad, and everything sucks – you should be careful. Although it happens when a man has an unhappy period in life or, maybe, everything is always bad, all people are bad, so, you should ponder if you need a moaner.

It’s possible to learn to communicate on a dating site. You didn’t succeed with twenty men, but you will succeed with the twenty-first. Dating sites is not a magic wand, however it is a good opportunity to find a man who is searching for a serious relationship. And then there is an interesting task – to find a suitable, and become a suitable for him. Good luck!!!

Online dating: man’s view

An author of the article has spent a lot of time on dating sites trying to find his better half, whom he’d like to spend the all life with. Possibly, it is utopia and complete mystic, however a topic is different. During the years I spent in front of my computer, I divided clear the majority of girls in the category “below 30” to separate subspecies. Since all profiles on dating sites are clear typified, then looking at standard points of women’s profiles you can understand: which class this girl is related to, what joint future you can rely on.

Let’s go:

1. Princesses

Some ones search for an ideal man, other search for oligarchs, however they are joined by that they search for a prince. However, they, for some reason, don’t ponder what can attract a prince, cause usually, they are mediocre enough (although often sexy and beautiful) and as like as two peas.
Recommendation: if you are not a prince, this category is not for you. They will hunt for shortcomings by tenacious sight, and, oh! You are thrown out from the tower of a princess, and she again is waiting for him.

2. Prostitutes

2.1 Girls who know what they do and how it’s called. Work is work. They write in a profile: sex for money and so on. It’s easy and clear with such girls, therefore men use their service – such women are paid not only for a body, but for honesty of such primitive relationships.

2.2 Much numerous subparagraph, than the previous one, it can compete with princesses, however is describes second, in order to classify them as prostitutes. Such girls bashfully conceal their true essence in profile, convincing not only men, but themselves that they are different. However, in a process of communication, it is found out that a man has to have a car, own house, and soft job – in order he could devote time to her, and she could work a month per year, and in the rest time to get on his nerves. Such girls differ from princesses, cause they realize they “nonprincessness” therefore their demands are more practical.


Paragraph 2.1: here everything is simple enough – price is discusses in advance, only be careful and discover, just in case, such useful word as “Clophelinum”. 😉

Paragraph 2.2: if you don’t want to be a raw materials-producing appendage, then be careful, if a girl writes that she is looking for “a man with capital letter M” – you will be a M…… if you agree.)) “fulfilled man” – that me now he has only to fulfill her desires and fantasies. If a girl searches for a man 10-20 years older it is not Lolita you won’t get away with ice cream

3. Infatuated

3.1 They fall in love with the first comer, moreover every tine they believe in purity of own feelings. Hot to identify them? Usually, they are frank straight away in profile writing about their sexual passions, have tattoos and piercing. Tattoo is just a symbol of frivolity, cause today you have such a life, tomorrow different one – you get a tattoo today not thinking what will come tomorrow.

3.2 A sad result of the first subparagraph: girls below 30 with a child on her hands – I don’t mind, but if they gave birth to a child and then parted with that man, that is they made a wrong choice, and such deed increases possibility in two that they will make a mistake with you too. If you are young and you are searching for long relationship, it’s not your way.

4. Unlucky

Let’s call them in this way. It is difficult to say why do they have unsuccessful relationship, or don’t have a better half, or just a boyfriend. Anyway, it this case lengthy real relationship is needed, in order to understand if she suits you.

In real life people find soul mates in the universities or companies of school friends, that is usually before 25 years. Then, when personality has formed, it can turn out that the person you have been with the entire time, doesn’t suit your new personality, and people begin searching for really better halves. In most cases they found them in companies of friends or at work. Those who haven’t find – come to the Internet.

P.S.: A few additions sent by my readers

Clear virtual girls

That is a big enough number of women of different age. The youngest are girls who haven’t yet learnt hot to built relationship or reading silly love novels. They are afraid not to build relationship, to make a mistake, don’t want to suffer, therefore seduce and try to assert themselves without personal contact with a man. Women of middle age communicate without real dates, as a rule, cause they are married and don’t want to destroy their family life. Nevertheless, lack of romantic in a relationship forces them into virtual relationships, virtual love, virtual sex. They never date men in real life, seldom talk via phone. Often they put someone else’s photo, and make up, filling in their virtual profile, distorting or exaggerating their data. They are, without doubts, good for men of the same type, who, strange as it may seem, exist. Although they, sometimes, go out in real life to get real emotions and feelings. But virtual women never do that. They have absolutely different purposes.

Self-sufficient mature women.

They don’t need anything at all having set a high standard, neither in real life nor in virtual life. They just have a computer and the internet. They are modern and self-assured. They are fulfilled persons. Such women have money, were married and have children. Moreover, they are often not abandoned, but left a husband, cause they couldn’t contemplate his helplessness in front of the vicissitudes of life. They are really searching for nothing. They just believe in their hearts of hearts that there is the only one on the earth. Their independence doesn’t exclude romanticism at all. They can have sex after the very first date, although it can be difficult to get from them after the second date, cause they feel the true reasons of man’s interest. As a man too, she feels sensitively mercantile surges, and, as a rule, supress them. Becoming a little elder, they can deliberately keep a gigolo. However, it will be her decision.

Should a girl date in the night club?

Is it possible to find your better half in the night club?

Despite variety of modern life, freedom of customs and easy communications, it’s still difficult enough for young people to find a soul mate. Especially, it’s difficult to find a person whom you’ll get marriage with.

One from the favorite places of young people to date is night clubs. This place attracts guys and girls not only by an opportunity to dance but by the opportunity to see and to be seen. And, of course, for particular reason – to date and to communicate. Although, many, especially girls, for sure, will deny, that they go there for the sake of dating.

Really, is it a good idea for a girl to date in the night club – is not a simple unambiguous question. On the one hand, everybody goes there to communicate. And there is no something “awful” in that. But on the other hand, we should form an understanding of what communication we are talking about.

Night clubs have indecent enough reputation. Some believe, that exclusively frivolous young people go there, other are sure, that there are dubious entertainment and utter promiscuity. In general opinion of many people, a night club means light, short, non-committal communication for an evening. If the communication will have continuation, then not more than for a night. Many really believe it and, being guided by that stereotype, go to the night club to get unserious relationship. Everything that can be truth to a certain extent.

However, it would be wrong to maintain that everything is exactly like this. In actual fact absolutely different people go to the night clubs, with different points of view, plans on the evening, and this year. Therefore, it would be wrong to say, that we can find there only frivolous girls and guys. However, we should remember those stereotypes, and keep in mind that many of people going to the night clubs are guided by those.

It’s possible to date a guy or a girl and build lengthy relationship with him or her, and even, possibly, family. However, girl, who are not ready for “adventures”, should be more prudent and think about tempting offers of guys to move to another place with grain of criticism. Consequences can be very various, including not very desirable for a girl.

Should a girl date in the night club or not – it depends on mood of every certain girl. If she wants to have fun and doesn’t limit herself in choice of fun, then she can date confidently. However, if a girl wants to find a guy for serious relationship, she should be more cautious.

Dating in Eyes of Woman

What a modern man is ready for to date a beautiful and interesting girl? Where should he search for the girl who will correspond with his idea about “an ideal girl”? Or how to create her? How to keep her near and why? Those are very popular questions among guys. Girls prefer equal rights nowadays, therefore there is no need to gaze at them using a microscope somewhere in hidden corners or places, although it would be funny enough. It’s easy to find girls of any age everywhere, even in the private male clubs you can see waitresses, dancers, cleaners and so forth, therefore, you don’t have to search “a girl” as something rare and unusual.

So, if you date a girl – date her where you live)). That will save your time and a girl will think that you are a purposeful guy (btw you are such a guy, aren’t you?). So, SHE is in front of you, and you are confidently going to her to talk…and here the questions appear – “how?” и “about what?”. Let’s begin from the first “how?” Well, I’d say not silently. Talk confidently and quietly or quickly/uncertainly, depending on what way you have chosen. That’s exactly what should interest a girl in the first couple of minutes. Then, if a girl justified your expectations, you can relax a little and confidently arrange about a date.

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